EMPG acquires Thailand’s top online marketplace Kaidee

DUBAI/BANGKOK/LAHORE: EMPG on Wednesday announced its acquisition of Thailand’s largest online marketplace ‘Kaidee’ – having officially closed the deal more than two months ago in February.
With a strong regional position featuring leading portals in the South Asian and MENA regions – Zameen (Pakistan), Bayut (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan) Bproperty (Bangladesh) and Mubawab (Morocco and Tunisia) – the group’s consolidation of Kaidee marks its expansion into Southeast Asia.
Established in 2011, Kaidee was quick to become Thailand’s leading online marketplace within a relatively short period, and has since established a solid brand image for itself among local consumers; featuring over 30 different categories of goods and services available for instant ordering.
While commenting on the acquisition, EMPG CEO Imran Ali Khan said: “Thailand is one of the most exciting, dynamic markets in Southeast Asia, and its real estate and auto verticals are some of the largest in the region. Kaidee has a rich history in the country, having built a very strong brand on the back of an extraordinary focus on technology and connecting consumers – and so we look forward to investing significant resources to take the business to the next level.”
Following the company’s entry to the EMPG fold, Imran Ali Khan and EMPG senior executive Mark Nosworthy will now sit on Kaidee’s board of directors.
“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a culture like Kaidee’s, which is incredibly passionate about assisting consumers in buying and selling any type of product,” said Nosworthy. “Kaidee is very strong in many categories, and we look forward to capitalizing on these strengths to the fullest,” he said.
Kaidee CEO Tiwa York also hailed EMPG’s newly-forged relationship with Kaidee – stating that the former figured prominently in the global online marketplace industry; providing effective, localised solutions within the markets it operated in. He added that this merger would help Kaidee expedite its plans for providing market-leading solutions in Thailand that spanned across all verticals.